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Summer/Autumn, Newport, Shropshire.

Just started playing The Long Dark! I was doing well for quite a while until I made a fire to get warmer and I stepped in it and killed myself -.- Second play through I spawned outside some kind of electro power plant but got mauled by dogs a few rooms in. 

The game is quite simple yet enjoyable to play, needless the say the art style is awesome and it’s beautiful to just watch the sun set :).

07/09/2014 Walk at Cannock Chase. I’ve been finding it hard to so fun stuff anymore while I’m in the process of moving out but Sam invited me out to his work outing with Jaguar/Landrover so I took a few cheeky snaps with my phone.

Today’s ipad doodle!!

I’m slowly making my way through this. None of the pages are complete yet but I thought I’d post what I’ve been doing on my lunch breaks :P

Trying to get fit, so I’ve been going up the Wrekin almost every evening :)

I’m so busy with planning stuff for when I move out, I forget to even draw stuff anymore. I hate change but it’s for the best.