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07/09/2014 Walk at Cannock Chase. I’ve been finding it hard to so fun stuff anymore while I’m in the process of moving out but Sam invited me out to his work outing with Jaguar/Landrover so I took a few cheeky snaps with my phone.

Today’s ipad doodle!!

I’m slowly making my way through this. None of the pages are complete yet but I thought I’d post what I’ve been doing on my lunch breaks :P

Trying to get fit, so I’ve been going up the Wrekin almost every evening :)

I’m so busy with planning stuff for when I move out, I forget to even draw stuff anymore. I hate change but it’s for the best.

A well deserved holiday after months of straight work. I visited Wales for a few days where Sam taught me how to climb, belay and place gear safely.

We then set our sights on Tryfan, not the biggest thing I’ve got up in comparison to others but far more challenging than anything I’ve encountered. I regret saying that I enjoyed the scrambling the very first time I went to the Lake District so Sam thought he’d push me to my limits.

As being terribly afraid of heights being made to climb vertical and slight overhangs with no gear feels like impending doom… There was a lot of tiredness and shaky arms along with every curse you could imagine. In the end though I made it to the top and the view was very much worth it, so much so Sam treated me to a trip to the beach!