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My fine liners bust so I’m just sketching the outlines for tomorrow for my North American Moth collection.

My creative process has change now that I’m older. I’m finding more comfort in looking at the spreadsheet I made…

Some concepts for my fantasy. Ritual suicide to walk with the Avarh. Zuiver being immortal beings can only be killed if their bodies are damaged. Some grow bored of being immortal as they have nothing left to do and grow weary of the world. Sometimes upon death of a Zuiver, after a great act they are taken by the Avarh and their soul lives with them creating a new turning of their life.

Visited my nan today in Wales and took a few cheeky piccys.

Bought “Gone Home” from the App Store last night and finished it this morning. The story is beautiful, I don’t want to give anything away so just please play it. The game took me a while to play because you’re walking around a dark house during a lightning storm home alone and turning the lights on room to room and finding clues. 

I just couldn’t  play this with headphones on I nearly shit myself with every time I found something interesting then thunder went crazy haha D; In all seriousness though the fear is all in the mind, the story 10/10.

So quiet today at work so I’m coming up with some painting ideas yet again. The ship has made a reappearance but not as good as last time. I’m thinking of the robot falling and experiencing different levels of the earth ; Sky, mountains, land, sea. 

Video footage of my first session on Elder Scrolls Online - Character Creation